Who We Are


Our mission is to bring affordable enterprise level technology services in reach for small and medium businesses. We are dedicated to providing the premium services and support that allow SMB to grow and compete with large companies across the globe.


SMB change the world by bringing innovation, competition, and value to the business world. We envision a world where small business can thrive and continue to drive progress in an increasingly technology based world.


Our company is all about ethics and equality. We interact with the knowledge that people are most important and that they deserve respect and fair treatment. We champion those who only need a fair chance to prove their excellence. Our company is a level playing field.


Our Story

Our company was started with the desire to help small businesses that needed someone who could understand how to harness technology and make their business more effective  on a small budget.  As the demand for has technology increased, we saw small businesses falling farther and farther behind.  They became easy targets for cyber attacks due to low security, had lower growth due to lack of operational support, and struggled to find experts they could trust.  Our commitment to small businesses was born out of a desire to change the world and let small businesses compete on an enterprise level. 

Today we provide our clients with the same enterprise level technology that has allowed large businesses to thrive.  We’ve kept to our roots as a small business with our commitment to provide personalized support and to resolve problems on a budget. We offer a wide range of services that are flexible to meet different levels of need.  We believe that the world is technology driven and so is business.

Run by a husband and wife team, IT Eagle Eye provides the customized services and care that you can only get by using a small business where every clients is a VIP.   We serve small and large businesses and take pride in giving our customers the best service and the best value possible.


Get In Touch

We offer services worldwide, but our home base is in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  We’re proud of a local community that has a heart for small businesses and love to serve other local companies.  Contact us and set up a free consultation to find out how we can serve you.