Virtual CIO

Strategic Planning With A Dedicated Technology Expert

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Critical Growth Insights

VCIO services are a critical component for growing businesses.  Our virtual CIO services pair with our management services to help you ensure that your technology supports all of business processes. Quarterly business reviews (QBR), budgets, and strategic planning with this service create a roadmap for your business with built-in checks and balances.  

Stategic Planning

We review your infrastructure on a quarterly basis. These regular reviews ensure that your business is running optimally and that projects and plan remain on track. A three year roadmap ensures robust input for strategic planning, budgeting, and tracking.  We provide you with a complete report on all findings and plans to ensure technology goals align with business goals.

Business Continuity

A complete business continuity plan and disaster recovery strategy is created for your business.  First we review your critical systems and the impact of downtime.  Second, we take those critical services and craft a complete disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and impact.  Then we implement a resilient network that allows your business to weather critical events.

Vendor Management

Get a central point of contact for all of your IT vendors.  We recommend the best providers to meet your needs.  We negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best deals.  Easily maintain software, hardware, and service provider relationships.  Every contract is reviewed annually to ensure you are getting the best value.

Operations Management

The key to keeping your business running smoothly is integrating all the moving pieces of technology, personnel, and business processes.  We stand as a single point of contact for both internal and external needs and ensure that operations support your growth. We work with your employees for training, monitor projects, and streamline and optimize your technology.

Ensure Sustainable Business Growth and Unlimited Potential

Our involvement means a personalized solution with dedicated experts who get to know your business and needs.  There are no boiler plate solutions because we believe that ever business has different needs.  We work closely with you to understand your goals and pain points.  This intimate knowledge of your business and dedicated support allows us to provide personalized, comprehensive service that can be leveraged to create a holistic growth strategy.

How Does It All Work Together

The Best Value

We serve many different kinds of businesses and there is no one size fits all solution.  That’s why we have crafted layers of coverage that allow you to get the services you need at the best value.  Our managed service plans covers daily management and maintenance, and general security for all of your environments. Our managed security services gives you  tailored enterprise security solutions at an affordable price for increased security needs.  The compliance layer allows you flawlessly achieve and maintain compliance with a variety of standards.  Finally, our vCIO layer gives you a total outsourced solution that gives you access to critical planning and expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally.  

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