Security Incident and Event Management Services

Continuous Monitoring and Management

Log Monitoring

Our cloud based Security Operations Center is always up and running to monitor your cyber defense.  Our combination of intelligent filtering, aggregation and expert individual analysis forms the most effective continuous monitoring strategy possible.  Our advanced log monitoring solution catches individual threats quickly.  Log aggregation and machine learning based analysis allow insight into concerning patterns of activity and easily missed warning signs.   We support Windows, Linux, Mac, and serverless environments.  

Log Aggregation

Collect all of your security monitoring logs in a centralized platform for a clear picture of network activity.

Log Retention

Store more logs to meet compliance requirements. Use long-term data patterns to increase your defense.

Threat Detection

Detect threats using real-time threat intelligence in private, cloud, and hybrid environments. Get immediate insight on threat severity.

Threat Reponse

Expert security analysts monitor your alerts 24/7/365 to ensure rigorous human review and response.

User Monitoring

Monitor for unexpected access, changing patterns of behavior and unauthorized activity from internal and external sources.

Audit Trails

Keep clear records of individual and machine level activity, access, and changes across your network.

Event Correlation

Link related events using machine learning automation to increase threat detection and response.

Analysis And Reporting

Monitor and get reports on key performance indicators (KPI) for business insights and compliance.

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